Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wine, dance, laughter

This weekend turned out completely backwards.

Question: What happens when you throw a party and no one shows up?

Answer: You have a completely different party!

I had 30 friends swear they were coming to the free karaoke party I was roped into helping with Friday night. They even went so far as to tell me a day or so before hand how much they were looking forward to going AND that they had a couple friends that were coming too. So I figured at least 10 would show up. ;^)

The other people putting on the party also called around and we had confirmed about 60 people. We made sure there was enough food for about 40 figuring we could order pizzas if there wasn't enough.

Grand total of 16 people came... Which even with all the free booze was not enough to really do karaoke... So I reprogrammed the machine tossed in a bunch of 80s music, dragged out the poker table and we played poker to loud 80s music with TONS of booze, snacks, and deserts. Everyone had a hell of a good time. Lots of people were sent home with enough left overs to eat for a week.

After the poker game broke up at about 10 PM three of us headed out to the pool hall and played pool till 2 AM.

Friday night - not what I expected but fun none-the-less

Saturday: Huge Halloween celebration (last year had about 300 people there). Fabulous DJ, silent auction, more food, and more booze. Lots of witches (its put on by a pagan group). Something must be in the air... Only 40 people showed up to that one. But, we danced till we dropped. I managed to get a couple of cool CDs and a fabulous T-Shirt (says "Its Your God, There Your Rules, So You Can Go To Hell.").

Tonight... well was planning on going to Fright Fest with a date. But, if it is still raining the park will not be open. So need to find a plan B. I'm thinking Century Ball Room...


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