Monday, October 24, 2005

Sanity Check

Ever wonder what goes through the minds of your friends?

I mean really, I finally decide to cut loose from this girl who was treating me very poorly (not returning calls when she said she would, agreeing to dates then 3 out of 5 times canceling at the last minute leaving me to scramble to find someone to give her ticket to, etc.) and all my friends say "its about time she just wasn't right for you." What the heck is up with that? These are the same people that a couple of weeks before where saying "she is awsome, man you really ended up with a great lady."

Talk about going with the wind. This makes it hard to know if they are just saying something that goes with the situation, or if they are telling me what they really think. I much prefer them to be honest all the time. Sure it means sometimes hitting me in the stomach when I am already partially down. But, I think it is far better then leaving me wondering if they are being honest with me.

Perhaps I am just too honest. I generally tell it like it is, keep my word as best as I can and follow through. I am beginning to wonder if I am alone in this regard.

Enough said... Time to get back to work now.


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