Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Fun...

Not a bad Halloween.

My costume got much "oh ya cool" and "awesome" from various people. So I feel pretty good about that. Now that the surprise to my friends is over I can reveal what it was.

I bought a really nice stage wig which was essentially silver grey curly hair in an old lady bun. I cut the bun off and POOF a head of silver grey hair that looked like I tried really hard to finger comb it to be neat but just failed completely.

Next I took a burlap based zombie costume and cut it down to size so it became something of a lounge suit over sized shirt / caveman outfit cut open to my belly button, raggy but in its own way "neat."

To that I added a bone neckless, a large fake wooden club, a length of really crappy looking hemp rope (to hold the club in place but also pre-tied with a slip knot on one end), a very expensive silk tie tied all wrong, and a top hat.

Title of costume: Eligible Bachelor Number 2

The parties were great. I was introduced to a new drink called a "slutty red head." What was in it I have no idea. But, for a guy who has serious acohol resistance it certainly tossed me for a nice buzz. Then, of course, I over did it a bit on my recovering ankle. (A little ice the next day solved most of that problem. Although I was really wishing I knew someone that could come over and give it a good massage.)

Two bummers for the weekend.

The first was that at the very cool party Saturday night a group of teenagers (17-19) came in with one of the hostess' better friends at about 11 PM. She didn't feel right asking her friend to leave with his other friends or just kicking out the teenagers. All the adults decided that a "contributing to the deliquency of minors" charge would not be a good idea. Hence everyone packed up and packed out, essentially declaring an end to the night's activities. When I left one of the teenagers had pulled out some pot and another was actually shooting up in the back yard. So I had not problem leaving myself. I didn't even hang with that crowd when I was that age, I always thought they were nuts.

Brenda drove me home, declared she was done for the night and went home herself. Since it was 1 AM I decided might as well do the same since all the other parties I was interested in going to would be wrapping up by the time I got there.

The other bummer was it turns out Brenda's car broke down near her house that night. So I spent part of Sunday trying the help her through the problem. Unfortunately all the good intentions aside the car was dead beyond serious garage work to recover. So she is seriously down over that. Luckily another of her friends is a good mechanic and last I heard he was going to go over tonight to have a look.

One major good Samaritan event too!

I also got to witness an auto accident this weekend. I am really glad I decided to go to the store when I did because it was 1 AM in a nearly deserted area. What happened was a group of boys out having fun (not paying attention and with the usual loud music causing even the pavement to rumble) cut across this 16 year old girl's right of way. Not only did they not have insurance but the poor kid was totally breaking down over what to do. So I called the police, made sure to explain to her she wasn't going to loose her license or get in trouble over this because it wasn't her fault, and played the "adult bull elephant" against the boys to keep them from being jerks to her. When her mother got there explained it all to her mother (who was also a bit freaked out as well). The mother, daughter and policeman thanked me profusely for helping out making me feel really good for the 45 minutes spent standing in the cold.

Oh and pictures are online for all of the Halloween parties.


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