Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Canceled Concert Blues

Well talk about an interesting experience. Had tickets for the main concert Sunday night and backstage hang with the band passes for Monday's private concert with Fall Out Boys for their Seattle concert ( Daughter was excited, I was excited.
Then a large rock fell on I-90 stopping all 5 bands from getting to Seattle. Found out about the concert getting rescheduled after paying for parking.

So we grabbed some games and headed to Starbucks. Stopped off at book store and spent more money then is proper for some new and used books. Then we played games for a few hours at Starbucks. My daughter managed to "sweetness" one of the barista girls into a free drink coupon for our next visit (how she does that is pretty amazing to watch). Over all, very different night then planned but good fun.

To top that off my daughter got to skip school and come to work with me Monday for the private gig and to hang out with the band. Except they still couldn't make it into town and so headed straight to their next stop in Salt Lake City. Oh well, she had fun reading her magazines & comics, playing video games and goofing off with me on my breaks all day Monday. She also took a little too much pleasure in giving me a bad time about the code I was writing and hanging out with me instead of going to school. I am pretty sure she was as happy about being with me as skipping school... pretty sure...

Rest of the week seems to be flying by... can't really comprehend that it is already Wednesday night. Seems like it was just Sunday a few seconds ago.

Also been pricing boats. I am trying to decide if I want to get a really big ocean quality boat so I can sail to foreign ports... like Alaska and Hawaii. I think I might wait till mid December then some of the prices will drop drastically. Of course a fixer up boat would be a lot cheaper all around. But, between, daughter, work and school I don't think I have the time needed to do a project of that size. Of course I could tap a few friends for help. In the mean time, stuff money away cause those boats are a lot of cash no matter how many corners you cut.


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