Monday, November 21, 2005

Twisted around her finger

Well what a great way to start a little mini vacation.

Saturday slept in too late. Got up, did a few minor things. Decided had enough. Went back to bed. Got up just in time to go pick up my friends and take us all to a great Pagan Choir Concert in Ballard. There was a surprise silent auction at the concert and I ended up bidding on some things that I was sure I'd get out bid on (and hoped I would on a few). Instead I won 5 of the items and spent about 150% of my allowed budget... Oh well what is fun money if you try and horde it.

Sunday I got to take another friend out on an expedition to the darkest jungles of Seattle. We had a lot more fun then I expected spotting birds and other things like the fearless ravenous brown squirrels. We ended up taking my daughter out for Indian at Cedar's (my all time favorite Indian restaurant). After that we roamed around until we found a bubble-tea place and settled down for a couple hours of playing games and drinking bubble tea.

One of the funnier parts of the day was when we ran into a free roaming peacock. She tried to get to get the peacock to compete with her and show its tail feathers. It was pretty fun to watch. Didn't work, but we got a good laugh out of it.

Now my daughter can't seem to stop talking about my friend. She has decided that she really likes her sense of humor and thinks she is "the coolest adult" my daughter has ever met.

So what did I do on this fine Monday? Well I had a lot of fun. I took my daughter to breakfast and we ended up talking for hours about things going on in her life. I lost track of time. When I realized what time it was I could only get her to school after more then half the day would be gone. Instead I call her in sick. Then we went out to see the new Harry Potter movie (personally I'd recommend waiting for the DVD and then rent it only). When we got home we did some work around the house. She is then did some practice math and French while I was at my monthly poker game this evening.

Now I have to go review her work with her. We are going to practice French for a bit. Then head off to the gym to swim some laps and then probably out for a coffee & coco with some game or another.

So goes the start of my 2 week vacation at home. I know, I am pretty silly sometimes.


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