Monday, October 02, 2006

My Second Child Is Born

It's a boy!

Named: Lewin
Time: 8:13 AM October 2, 2006
Weight: 8 lbs 15 oz
Size: 19.5 inches
Location: Northwest Hospital, Seattle, WA

My wife Evelina broke her water at 5:30 PM October 1, 2006. A doctor call, a little packing and we made it to Northwest Hospital at 6:15 PM where she was found to be just over4 CM dilated! A good start. We ended up getting the super 5 star suite at the Childbirth center (it is larger then two rooms with wood paneling a couch, and a work table). By 11 PM she was 5 CM dilated and the contractions were enough to make her feel unable to deal with the pain. So an epideral was added to the mix. At 5 AM they started talking C-section (a very good motivator to work harder at the pushing part I am told by the nurses). Next procin was added in to the mix to try and ramp up the contractions. Boy did that do the trick. By 7 AM she was fully dilated at 10 CM and was having serious birth contractions. One hour and 13 minutes of very hard pushing 3 times for 10 seconds timed with the contraction which where coming every 2 minutes and our son was born!

Very cool. Also let me say this... Dads do not be afraid of the cutting the umbilical there is almost no blood and it is a very potent and important emotional experience (for your significant other if not for you, but I'll bet you'll be surprised by how much it means to you).


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