Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Autoduel Comes To Life

So here I am reading my morning items. Last thing on my mind is how to rig a flame thrower to my car (not that I haven't spent time thinking about that when I was a tad younger). Yet, I ran into some interesting side notes (which never happens on the Internet). That led me to ... you guessed it ... how to mount a flame thrower on your car.

OK so this is seriously dangerous, but with commercially available products you can get side mounted "ball-o-flame" launchers and a rear tail pipe flame thrower. Both are of course adjustable to your tastes in "distance" to affect and both claim to NOT peel your car's paint. Oh and you can put both on your car for less then $1000.

I wonder how many geek points (tm) it would be worth. Autoduel really is coming to life. I think I'll rent Blade Runner and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome tonight and rethink where we are going.

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