Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Baby Pictures are online

Well I'm back to work full time and of course I have baby pictures. I
have put them in an online web album. If you know the address you can
run through them in slide show and it is controllable with the right
and left arrows, or via mouse clicking on the controls. There are
absolutely no gross pictures (I personally do not like those myself so
I made sure to not take any).

Evelina is doing fine, but is still having some pain from a little
nerve damage. Physical therapy is doing wonders so likely only another
week or two before that is all cleared up. Lewin (our new son) is
doing fabulous and has already grown nearly 4 inches in the 4 weeks.

Not a lot of sleep yet... so I am a little scatter brained until I get
enough coffee down to keep brain functions at acceptable levels!


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