Monday, October 23, 2006

Back to work

Man 3 weeks can sure fly by! I am totally shocked that so much time has past since Lewin was born.

Doing the new kid thing is definately easier the second time around. Not so scared of all the stuff that is happening and at I at least know what to kind of expect in the way of up coming events.

Still Fatherhood has caught me slightly of guard. I was not expecting so the emotional rush to be as strong as the first time. But I have to say the emotional rush is just as potent the second time as the first time. Maybe more so because I always wanted a larger family but since my first wife was a flat out "no way" had given up on that dream.

Being a new dad is pretty great!

I have to go back to work tomorrow after 4 weeks of paternity leave. So far we are doing pretty good. I change the diapers and play with him till he is tired. Then mother and son doze in and out while feeding.

Honestly new daughters are easier at the beginning. Lewin seems to always hold back just enough so he can get me with the firehose as soon as the diaper is off. But I figured out how to deal with that. Take the diaper off, put a towel over the top and then let him relax and feel nice and dry. Boom he releases the gates, finishes voiding and then gets a new diaper.

Heck I even managed to NOT faint during the circumcision. And Lewin took it pretty good. Didn't have any of the "screaming fits" advertised and he is all healed up.

Well, tomorrow I get to sing the back to work song.


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