Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Little Vacation Memories

Well now that things have settled a bit I can sit and type. I finally got the pictures organized for the trip and put them online. Still need to get captions on all of them but they are at least online now... whew!

So what was the trip? Basically Evelina and I finally got a "honey moon." I took 2 weeks off from work and we drove route 101 following the ocean front from Canada to San Francisco. Then we hopped over to Las Vegas through the Mojave Desert, where I discovered my transmission could overheat but not the rest of the engine.... Had to stop every now and then for a break, snacks and so the transmission could cool down (it would lock in low gear).

We camped the whole way down in fabulous rain forests, ocean front view camp sights, and one really dead spot. When we got to Vegas we stayed at the 5 star Hilton Grand on the strip for 4 days. We did a Vegas show every night (Cirque De Solie, Blue Man Group, Everyone Wears Bowlers), toured Vegas and surrounding areas. I showed Evelina where I grew up, the houses I lived in, Lake Mead, Boulder Dam, and all my favorite hang out spots (most of which were still there and going strong). Prices in Vegas were WAY up from the last time I checked. But, as we are camping and cooking our own we could handle that.

Then we drove to San Diego and stayed in the cheapest hotel we could find ($50 per night) for 3 days / 2 nights. We got up in the morning and ate breakfast on the beaches, swam in the ocean, and got completely sun burned. Then I showed Evelina all the interesting places I used to hang out, my old Navy job (TacTraGruPac / or TTGP where they are very touchy about people driving up and trying to take pictures), SAIC, etc. They were all still there. San Diego has changed very little since I was there.

We ate at the outdoor old town Mexican restaurant, to the sound of live bands playing. I shopped at Game Towne and Evelina about broke my head for trying to buy a literal arm load of stuff. I ended up with only 2 things (Munchkins Kung Fu and the expansion set)... SIGH...

Oh and we went to Loma Bonita and they are still doing the Carne Asada Burritos (although the price is now 3.65 each)... Man was that good eating.

Finally we ran out of time and made an end run north on I-5.

We did this since with the new baby boy coming we knew it was either then or in a year as Evelina would have been unable to travel well a month later. Of course now with new baby we are not going far or for long for at least 6 months. So now that baby boy is here it is time to organize web sites, burn DVDs for the family and get all those home projects moved a few more notches towards "done."


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