Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Concert at the Fenix

What a very different Halloween experience! Instead of the fancy dress up costume and many parties I lost track of time (I was in the baby warp zone). So no Halloween decorations around the house, no pumpkins and no costume for me or my daughter. I suddenly realized it was Halloween pretty much the day before (ya on the 30th). So I was trying to figure out what to do. My wife was not up to partying (we are still feeding about every 3 to 5 hours 24 hours a day and her back is not exactly fully healed up). I was tired and Sapphira was off in her own world with friends.

Then I noticed Nintendo had a drawing for some tickets to the Seattle Halloween night show of the fourth annual Nintendo Fusion Tour that was making its way across America. With Evelina at her sisters it was only Sapphira and I. So popping out for a Halloween night party / concert with Hawthorne Heights leading the bill, and including Relient K, Emery, Plain White T's and The Sleeping! (You can check out the bands and sample their music at
Well it was 2:30 PM and the entries for the tickets had to be in by 3:00 PM. So I entered and (since I am talking about this you probably think I got them, well your right) at 3:15 PM I was notified I had won 2 tickets for Halloween night. Cool!

So Sapphira and I suddenly had just plans for Halloween but really GREAT plans for Halloween. In addition to the music The Fusion Tour was also showing off the new Nintendo Wii console. Wii, music, food and kind of a “Dad’s Night Out With Daughter” thing! I was pretty excited. Plus the show was at the Fenix (formerly the Premier).

Forgot the camera. But boy was the party a blast. The music was great and the games were fun. Sapphira got to play the new Zelda game using the Wii wireless controllers and she is excited about that.

How do you follow that up? Well like last year the following day Wednesday, November 1 at 12:00PM, Hawthorne Heights came to Nintendo's Redmond campus for a private performance! I let Sapphira skip school and she joined me for a great lunch hour of more music (just the band, simple instruments and about 40 people). Hawthorne Heights brought the sound level down a notch in an exclusive acoustic set. After which we got to personally meet and chat with the band! Got pictures and signed posters / CDs to prove it (picture below). It was great!!

Leeland with Hawthorne Heights

Picture compliments of A.J. Blount shutterbug extraordinar for Nintendo of America

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