Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pool room is mostly ready even if it is too small

Well last night John and Jeremy came over. We chatted and relaxed for nearly two hours. We ordered out from Quiznos for diner. Funny thing is what was delivered wasn't what we ordered. In fact I signed the wrong credit slip all together. Unfortunately what we ordered LOOKed exactly like what we got (sandwiches and everything) except that they were different sandwiches. So we opened them up and bit into them before we figured out we had the wrong order.

The driver was still in the driveway (he was trying to figure out if he had given us the wrong food without opening the other set). Well he gave us our right order and we got to keep the other order too. So we got to try samples of some of the other Quiznos sandwiches. I have to admit the BLT is better then I thought.

Then we attacked the unassembled pool table I got in September. We cleaned the room, the table, and tried to make space. Managed to get it back together (I still need to go get some new balance feet for it and wood panels). Oh and it really needs new bumpers and felt. But it was good enough that we could play. Without the balance feet we had a minor shift to one end that made for some funny shots.

Problem is the room is about 3 feet too narrow. So shooting from the sides is a little tricky. I still have to move the piano and book cases out of the way to clear the entire area around the table. But I think we are going to have to move it to the other room (once that one is finished, right now it is bare concrete) as that other room has the extra 3 feet width.

But, now we can play pool. So that is cool.

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