Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Project Management leads to fun games

Well this was unexpected. I was researching the Project Management Process. Which was going great, I have been reading a lot of papers and books on the subject and getting much more comfortable with some of the more common TLAs. Problem is that it seems that every single author decided to come up with her or his own set of TLAs which makes the whole area of process and more specifically project management very fuzzy.

Ran into some very nice items though:
  • Simon Wallace Has put together a complete book on Process/Project management called the ePMbook and it really is a good read. I find his style very friendly and easy to stay awake to. Honestly his prose make me chuckle from time to time and I get the impression that in person he would be very funny. Then as I poke around to find out more about the author I ran into his LinkedIn Profile and even better a puzzle game called Brain Buster that he created.
  • I also ran into the Process Impact site which has a lot of nice resources for Process Management stuff. Although their licensing costs are pretty expensive.
  • Then there is the Project Management Principles & Training web site which has a very high ratio of content to text. Honestly this site is more like a light primer on the whole topic. Which makes it a great starting place to delving into the subject.


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