Friday, December 01, 2006

So what have I been doing? I don't really know

Very random week.

Nothing much has been done in the last 2 weeks. Why? Very good question. Unfortunately I have no answer for that and that is very confusing since I’d like to know why myself.

New baby only answers some of the issues. I mean really lack of sleep and such isn’t that bad. Or maybe it is. It is hard to tell from inside the issue.

So what have I done?

Well lets see, first a friend told me about the “One Red Paper Clip Guy”. Who started with a red paper clip and kept trading up until he got a house. " ( OK that was interesting.

Then on Monday the expected hard disk crash of my lap top hit. Boy did it hit hard. Of course at just the wrong time. Well no problem I bought the laptop with the “absolute no worries for 5 years” service contract (because it was essentially free via the employee program I used to get there along with the 40% off retail pricing).

First order of business try and get the Thanksgiving through Sunday coding and personal project stuff off the computer (yes I had backups but not of that recent sprint of inspired activity and work).

Poke, prod, poke… not much… Crud… oh well that will hurt a little. Look away, drink some coffee and the computer magically booted itself and was actually up and running.. WHOA grab the external 40GB USB drive and go baby go!

Ok data recovered… But what about the tons of software and registrations, not to mention environment customizations… Wait a tick I work at a nice company that uses the same laptops and the hard guys are like good friends. Short walk, sure they’ll take an image of the hard disk and when I get the replacement push it back out. Just hand it over and come back tomorrow.

Except Tuesday was snow and ice day, so was Wednesday and Thursday. Stuck at home, all my current work missing… what to do… Well document and do real work yes. But otherwise, well read a book. It isn’t like I can get out of the house I was pretty snowed in.

Friday, finally get to call order the replacement parts. Luckily the contract includes Saturday delivery and such. OK so now I wait. Oh and go back to real work.

And that is about it. I still need to clean up my messes at home, pay bills, build shelves, remodel kitchen, plan birthday and Christmas parties, etc.

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